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Service (English)


For this unique new, latest state of the Art, further developed PITOT TUBE PUMP, many of the Replacement Parts are manufactured by DBIC or its Alliance Partners. All standard parts, such as SEALS, BEARINGS etc, are competitive procured on the International market, from first class production centres.

Based on DBIC’s 30 years experience with Pitot Tube pumps, we are independent from the pricing policy which manufacturers such as ROTOJET and COMBITUBE.

We are able to deliver very competitive, parts, new-units and field service in the shortest possible way to your plants, wherever they are!
Delivery of stocks concerning Pitot Pumps and all types of Jet Pumps to DBIC Werk Eisenberg

DBIC Werk Eisenberg
Am Gielbrunnen 12
D- 67304 Eisenberg/ Pfalz

Repair: Series MARA, 3000er, 4000er, R11, RG, RO,ROH, GTO)

Please announce all Repairs to :
Thank you so much

Delivery of stocks concerning Triplex Pumps , Plunger Pumps TPS Aggregats Papercutting Pumps and aggregats to Königstein

DBIC Königstein
D- 61462 Königstein

Reparaturen: DEBNK , BNK

Please announce all Repairs to:

DBIC has a global Service and Operation network, together with it’s Partners, for MAINTENANCE , Operational Training on Site, Spareparts deliveries, complete overhauls including certified running test reports, for all types and sizes of ROTOJET and other Pitot tube manufacturers pumps.
This also applies for all makes and sizes of Centrifugal and Positive Displacement pumps. Our Experts are always at your Service around the Clock!

Also our Unique "Lump-sum"TOTAL PUMP MAINTENANCE " and MANAGEMENT concept offers you a lower operating cost and longer MTBF. We are more then pleased to make you a detailed proposal for your whole pump population.

Complete package units and installations for with pumpskids, inter connection piping,vessels,filters and all other related equipment and auxiliaries can be delivered and installed by DBIC as well.

Nothing could be simpler

DBIC Production
support , sales and repair in

and Aggregate-Units
Other types of our Production, Repair-Maintenance and Sales range
Honda KK-Aggregate-Units

Metallurgy of wetted components can be varied to meet the requirements of even the most rigorous and corrosive conditions. The HA-RO can be furnished in a single or double seal design, with a variety of styles and face materials available for specific applications.

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