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Total Management (English)

WHO we are

The DBIC International Group is a global Alliance of associated special Industrial and Commercial firms who are subcontracted as a consortium Partner to provide strategic–operative management consult according to need as:

Range of Products and Services

- Consulting, Sales and Marketing,
- Feasibility Management,
- Engineering, Construction, Development,
- Product management, Supervising,
- After-sales-services as Facibility
- Management,
- SMaintenance–Operation, etc.     
You contract out your maintenance operations work
want to see cost and interfaces reduced?
increase availability of the installations?
have all disciplines in a single contract?
see state of the art methods used?
see a new approach towards maintenance?

This is the answer!      TM - Total Management

Total Planned Quality Maintenance
Reliability Centred Maintenance
Instrumentation Maintenance
Mechanical Maintenance
Electrical Maintenance
Condition Monitoring
Project Management
Lifetime Maintenance Contracting

In the context of the ever increasing call from oil, chemical, industrial and commercial companies around the globe to control and reduce the cost of maintenance, decrease the number of contracts and contractors and thus the numer of interfaces, a combination of companies has been formed to meet these objectives.

The services provided are specifically targeted to execute Total Management-Facibility Maintenance Operation programs for Oil, Gas, (Petro-)Chemical and other production installations of Commercial and Industrial Technics. These services include multidiscipline revamping, modification and construction.


In order to achieve a really cost effective way to execute total maintenance operations work, we have at our disposal a numer of techniques and management tools which already have a proven track record and of course dedicated personnel with experience.

We can provide furthermore workshop facilities onshore for construction, repair and overhaul of equipment on several locations in Europe, Middle East, Far East:Rotating equipment such as pumps, engines, compressors;
process valves, ball, globe, gate;tubing, process piping, welding;wellhead equipment, high quality welding and construction of pressure vessels, coolers, piping and structural work;electrical and instrumentation panels, switchboards and equipment;repair, overhaul and rewinding of electric generators, motors, converters and transformers.

We can also offer the use of (offshore) workshop containers fully equipped for general and specific maintenance tasks.
TM has become well-known in the field of energy production and process industries both onshore and offshore.

Presently TM employs over 160 specialist engineers offering the following services :    

  • Consultancy
  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Project Management
  • Field Engineering
  • Inspection

TM’s carefully selected specialists render these services worldwide to :

  • Exploration and Production Facilities
  • Offshore Constructions
  • Oil and Gas Pipelines Refineries
  • Chemical Plants
  • LNG Plants
  • Power Stations
  • Nuclear Plants
  • Harbour Facilities
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